Did Your Seawall Fail Near Daytona Beach Florida?

Do you think it failed because of a storm?  That answer is NO, whoever designed your seawall or whoever built your wall FAILED.

Not all seawalls are built equally! Flimsy underdesigned, poorly built seawalls fail before well-designed, well built well-considered seawalls do. It’s a fact.  Currently, a lot of seawalls are being ‘thrown in’ in your area near Daytona Beach, with cost the only consideration. There are a lot of seawall builders getting a lot done that will fall apart in another ‘big event’ somewhere down the road.  This is unnecessary!

Seawalls near Daytona Beach Florida should be built according to reasonable ultimate design conditions. These conditions should be DEFINED by your engineer and contractor before any contracts are signed. Performance criteria include future toe erosion, the height of the seawall, wave and water impact, and what the seawall is expected not only to survive, but the property it is to defend.

Use a very qualified engineer first like Terragone Engineering.

There are a lot of engineers available, many designing a few seawalls in their career, but only a few with the expertise and experience to get your seawall designed right, designed well, and a wall you can rely on.

They should demonstrate education and experience in designing strong, durable, and reasonably cost-effective designs. Poor engineering will result in very expensive overdesign or very expensive under-design.

Use only contractors willing to discuss your needs and requirements first, then tailor solutions around that. Contractors near Daytona Beach FL are running around, undercutting pricing, and putting in ‘that should be good enough’ walls are a terrible waste of money. Use a contractor that will put in temporary protection that can be converted into permanent solutions, otherwise, money is being thrown into the sea.

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